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India lottery - play online lottery on Playwin, www.myplaywin.com

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Playwin - Khelo India
website: www.myplaywin.com

Playwin is India's first and largest online gaming company promoted by the Essel group of companies. It is in the business of providing infrastructure, data communication, marketing support and service to facilitate a secure online lottery network.

You can choose to play from Jackpot and Instant games including SuperTT, Joker, fast lotto, super lotto among many others.

Super Triple Ticket

SuperTT website: http://mysupertt.com

The Super TT Game contains 10 combinations of game ranging from 00-09 to 90-99. The draw starts at 9.00 AM everyday in intervals of 15 minutes. There are seven games visible on the screen. The Timer is displayed at the center of the screen. The previous draw winning results are displayed besides the play panel. The transaction amount is Rs. 5.50, 11.00, 22.00, 33.00, 55.00, 110.00 & 220.00 for one ticket based on the tickets MRP. The winning amount is Rs. 50.00, 100.00, 200.00, 300.00, 500.00, 1000.00, & 2000.00 per ticket respectively.

You cans play super TT lottery with Itz Cash Card.

India lottery - play online lottery on Playwin, www.myplaywin.com

A Playwin banner reads:
A winner every 5 second. 4,00,000 winners a day. 64 crorepatis till date. More than 2,800 lakhpatis till date. Are you Next?

Lotteries are easiest way to lose your hard-earned income. Think twice before you bet big on one of these games.

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